We are proud of our unique blend of small town community and cutting edge academics. Huron students participate in a curriculum balanced through a combination of rigorous coursework, relevant presentation of material and technology, and the fostering of positive relationships.

Teachers, support staff, and administrators work hard to provide a safe, caring, and productive atmosphere which promotes teaching and learning. We pride ourselves on our sense of mutual respect and community partnerships.

Huron High School has also made a commitment to offering well-rounded educational services. We provide students with the opportunity to participate in top notch music, drama, club, and athletic programs to serve our student needs.

We offer a large selection of advanced placement courses, as well as opportunities for college study programs. We are proud of our record of high student achievement, and we look forward to the challenges in our future.

Links on this page include Academic Goals/Objectives, Graduation Requirements, Michigan Merit Exam Information, and Information Pertaining To Optional Exams. Click on the links to the left in order to see more information about our academic requirements and options.


In keeping with our mission statement and philosophy, we will provide students the opportunity to:

  • Develop basic skills such as critical and analytic thinking, communicating, reading, writing, speaking and calculating through meaningful experiences and activities.

  • Have personal management and employability skills such as being able to make decisions, foster creative ideas, demonstrate honesty, integrity and respect for others, appreciate the principles of aesthetics and culture, and respect for the needs of our nation and the world.

  • Be a collaborative member of a team, able to recognize the skills and talents of individuals as well as the strength of a group; express, evaluate and accept varying points of view and assume varying roles from leader to follower to accomplish a task.

  • Be an involved citizen who understands our democratic society and the rights and responsibilities at the township, state and national levels, respecting various cultural groups and working for a safe environment.

  • To establish an atmosphere that is orderly, positive and conducive to learning.

  • To provide a curriculum that reflects real life expectations and provides mastery of basic skills necessary to develop the whole individual.

  • To create a curriculum that integrates career awareness across all disciplines, enabling students the opportunity to gain entry level occupational skills.

  • To provide programs that meet the needs, interests and learning styles of all individuals and enable students to experience the joys of learning.

  • To offer extracurricular activities that are accessible to all students and supplement and complement in-school activities.

  • To promote student self-confidence through praise, encouragement and mutual respect.

  • To create an awareness of opportunity for personal growth through guidance and counseling services as well as interaction with significant people such as family members, school personnel, peer groups and community members.

  • To provide opportunities to make decisions and evaluate their consequences with support and feedback from faculty and administration.

  • To understand the society and the environment in which we live including the principles, problems and implications for the future.

Graduation Requirements

In an attempt to offer more to our students and maintain the academic rigor of the state mandated graduation requirements, Huron High School has made a shift to trimester scheduling. The trimester system divides the school year into three, twelve week periods.

At HHS, students will take five classes, approximately 70 minutes long in twelve week periods. All courses taken and passed earn one-half (1/2) credit per trimester. This schedule gives students 7 ½ credits possible each year, compared to the 6 in the previous schedule. All the students must be enrolled in five (5) classes unless they are enrolled in a special program such as co-op Program.

Each student will need 27.5 credits in order to graduate. Of those 27.5 credits, the following chart must be completely satisfied.

Current Graduation requirements and course descriptions can be found in the course description guide available in the counseling section.

Course catalog descriptions of all class requirements and electives are also available in the course description guide in the counseling section. College Preparatory or Advanced courses may be added or deleted depending on student needs.

Only those who have successfully completed all requirements for graduation will be permitted to participate in the graduation exercise. Huron High School does not re-classify students each year based upon credit accumulation. Incoming freshmen will progress with their class until their sophomore year. Classification adjustments will be made in the Junior and Senior year based on credit accumulation.

Students who fail to receive credit in a required course are encouraged to attend Summer School. Details for attending Summer School are available through the Counseling Department. Those students who fail to obtain enough credits for placement at the next level will be considered "at risk" and parents will be notified via mail annually.

Measuring Student Growth

Common Assessments

Huron High School staff have worked collaboratively in all courses we offer to develop common assessments based on content area bench marks and state standards. These assessments are used to help measure students growth within a course in a given trimester. Assessment data is used to measure student growth in key skills and standards. This data is also used for teacher evaluation.

SLOs (Student Learning Objectives)

Huron High School staff have worked collaboratively within content professional learning communities to develop common trimester check point assessments. These assessments are used to help measure students growth within a course in a given trimester. Assessment data is used to measure student growth in key skills and standards. This data is also used for teacher evaluation.


This is a nationally normalized assessment given in grades 9 through 11 in the areas of math, reading, and language arts. This online assessment is administered three times a year. NWEA helps students see growth throughout the year as well as identifying needed areas of improvement. This assessment provides parents and staff with helpful information pertaining to student growth and performance.

Michigan Merit Exam

This is a state developed battery of tests designed to assess your knowledge. The MME consists of four components: the SAT assessment, Work Keys, a social studies test, and a science test. Upon passing, your school records will show that you have the needed skills in each subject tested. All students must take the MME to meet graduation requirements.

  • PSAT 9: As part of the PSAT 9 preparatory testing series, we require all 9th grade student to take the PSAT 9 Student data will be used to develop instruction and point out areas of growth to students.
  • PSAT 10: The PSAT 10 test will be given annually. All 10th grade students are required to take the test.

Optional Exams


PSAT/NMSQTThe preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying /Test will be given annually at Huron High School in October. The test is designed to help prepare students for the SAT examination, and serve as a qualifying test for a variety of scholarship programs. Students must register with the counseling office and pay a fee.


The Scholastic Aptitude Test is an exam used for college admissions and scholarship purposes. It is available to juniors and seniors. All juniors will automatically take the SAT as part of the MME in April of their junior year. This exam is desired by many out-of state colleges. It is not recommended that students take this exam prior to their junior year. Students can check with the counseling office or for exact test dates and registration information.


The ACT is an exam used for college admissions and scholarship purposes. It is the most widely used college entrance exam in Michigan and throughout the Midwest. Any student can take the ACT as often as they desire (at the student's expense) on one of the national Saturday test dates in an effort to improve their scores. It is recommended that this exam is not taken prior to your junior year.Students can check with the counseling office or for test dates and registration information.

Advanced Placement (AP) Exam

These exams are administered to students during the school day each spring. Many colleges grant credit for qualifying scores on these exams. Announcements will be made by the counseling office regarding registration for these exams. There is a fee for each subject area test taken. Enrollment in available AP courses prior to testing is recommended, and those enrolled in AP courses are strongly encouraged to take the appropriate AP subject area exam.