Graduation Requirements

In an attempt to offer more to our students and maintain the academic rigor of the state mandated graduation requirements, Huron High School has made a shift to trimester scheduling. The trimester system divides the school year into three, twelve week periods.

At HHS, students will take five classes, approximately 70 minutes long in twelve week periods. All courses taken and passed earn one-half (1/2) credit per trimester. This schedule gives students 7 ½ credits possible each year, compared to the 6 in the previous schedule. All the students must be enrolled in five (5) classes unless they are enrolled in a special program such as co-op Program.

Each student will need 27.5 credits in order to graduate. Of those 27.5 credits, the following chart must be completely satisfied.

Current Graduation requirements and course descriptions can be found in the course description guide available in the counseling section.

Course catalog descriptions of all class requirements and electives are also available in the course description guide in the counseling section. College Preparatory or Advanced courses may be added or deleted depending on student needs.

Only those who have successfully completed all requirements for graduation will be permitted to participate in the graduation exercise. Huron High School does not re-classify students each year based upon credit accumulation. Incoming freshmen will progress with their class until their sophomore year. Classification adjustments will be made in the Junior and Senior year based on credit accumulation.

Students who fail to receive credit in a required course are encouraged to attend Summer School. Details for attending Summer School are available through the Counseling Department. Those students who fail to obtain enough credits for placement at the next level will be considered "at risk" and parents will be notified via mail annually.