Course Description Guide

The following PDF is the complete Course Description Guide. It can be used to aid in the creation of your school schedule. Any questions or concerns regarding scheduling should be directed to the counseling department.

2023-2024 Course Description Guide (PDF)

Schedule Changes

Once signed schedule sheets have been submitted, no schedule changes will be made unless there is an academic basis for the change. Schedules will not be changed for students who have changed their mind about a class, want a different class, etc.

Students may adjust their schedule only due to the following reasons:

  • Administrative or logistical error
  • Failure of pre-requisite class
  • Completion of summer school, correspondence or online credit recovery
  • Changes to vocational schedules that are beyond the student’s control
  • Special Education adjustments
  • Changes due to Co-op (approval required by Co-op Coordinator)
  • Teacher recommendation
  • Rescheduling due to class failure

If it becomes absolutely necessary for a student to drop/change a class based on the above criteria, the following will apply; Parent approval is required

Students will have the first three school days of the first trimester to request a schedule change, and the first two days of the second and third trimesters to request a schedule change No changes to classes will be made after three days unless the schedule change is for one of the above conditions